Wednesday, February 15, 2006

...and finally to sleep

Yo all out there!
A poem that i wrote sometimes back.Please send in u'r comments.....
Situation : an old man, sitting in the beach... no one around. reflecting on his life.

...and finally to sleep

Long have I walked, weary have I become,
Lots have I seen, dark it seems
Laughter of children, fun with friends
Wait for my lover and life with her forverver
But nothing is forever..nothing is forever
Now all is gone, life seems long
Toward's the sunset i go on and waiting to sleep...finally to sleep


G U R U said...

That was short and sweet, brief and precise, consice and terse. Stirred my emotions out ! neatly crafted with limited words. Apt pic too.

On a side note, "eppa paathaalum oru mukka pant a pottuginu beach la cricket aada porey nu nee sonnappo laam naan nambineyney da. Eppo daan teriyudhu saar kavidhai elutha daan poraarunu" ;-D

sri said...

a beautiful poem....really loved it a lot :)