Thursday, August 23, 2007

Search Engine Statistics

Search Engines are part of every day life. Most of the search engines are now set as home page. Search Engines have moved the power of the internet to the user. Every thing is now searchable and “findable”.

So which are the most popular search engines and how do they compare against each other?

The following data give a comparison of the Search Engines over the period of May07 to June 07.

The Staticstics from May 07 - July 07 can be viewed in here.

Keeping in with global usage, Google has been the head of the pack closely followed by Yahoo and Microsoft.

What are the things that make Google world’s favorite search engine provider? Many experts have argued on this time and again and have attributed it to the following:

  1. User Experience:

This is USP of all Google products. The experience of a user in Google’s search site is so good that people always come back to it.

  1. KIS Philosophy:

Google’s search site is one of the simplest sites around, yet it is so powerful. The simplicity of Google’s page can be highlighted by the fact that initial version of the search page carried a message which said “Please enter a search team and click search”

  1. Efficiency:

Google’s search results are the most accurate results around. In fact the phrase “to google” has replaced the phrase “to search”. All of this is made possible from Google’s efficient search algorithm

So, what really happens when you hit the search button on Google’s site? This can be illustrated by the following diagram:

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