Monday, December 18, 2006

Sister's Wedding

Am back after nearly a 3 months hiatus.. during that short period, i went to Macau (which will be the topic of my next blog), to Las Vegas (another blog by itself) and my little sister got married to Karthik, a fine chap from Mambalam Chennai..

So without further prolong lets go to the Blog..

29th November, the day before the D-Day, started quite early. Too early to my liking in fact. But what to do, your sister does not get married every day. So to honor the occassion, I , the eternal lazy person of the family got up at 4.30 am (it is my mid night).

My mom and dad went to Priya's new home, which is in the next street to light the lamp. On the way back, my father twisted his ankle. He was in distress by the time he reached home. My mom got really upset that during the start of the marriage it self, some thing like this has occured. We consoled her saying that it was due to 'dristi' (Evil Eyes) and gave a lenghty prayer to almighty.

The van for our departure to the Choultry came at around 6.15 am. We were to reach there by 7.30, after which the inauspicious was supposed to have started. The van was at the end of the street, as the driver did not know the house. Your strong man (me) went to usher the van into the street and move around a zillion vehicles parked in our always jam-packed street.

Venkataraman maama, Krish uncle, me and subash patnaik maama all loaded our stuff to the van. We did not let dad lift things as he already had a bad foot. Four of us sort of compensated for his absence. Appa, Amma, Priya and myself were supposed to go in a car while the rest followed us in the van.

Finally we started by 6.45, amma was tense as she wanted us to reach before the raghu kalam. Needless to say, we made it by 7.15.

We arranged all our stuff in the hall, waited for the groom's party to come. They arrived in two batches. The first batch arrived at 10.00 a.m. The groom arrived at 10.30 a.m after being held up in one of the infamous traffice snarls that is fast becoming a customary norm in Chennai life.

From there what happend was a fast blur. Life happend in fast foward. So I will keep this part of the narration short. Probably i will give a bulletted summary of what happend

29th November
1. Vratam in the morning followed by Naandi where in we saluted all our anscestors.
2. Nichyadartham in the evening

30th November
1. Wedding of Priya with Karthik, this was preceeded by Vivek indulging in heavy weight lifting. I lifted Priya and strained my back yet again.
Photos of the Wedding

2. Evening Reception.
Reception Photos
1st December
1. Sambhandi Virundhu

All through the event, Sundar uncle, Santa, and I supervised the food part of things.

Finally a small pointer to end the Blog, MY LINE IS CLEARED!!..