Wednesday, October 17, 2007

When you Lose

Gray are the days, Dark are the thoughts,
On those days when you lose.
Hopes fade out, doubts wade in
On those days when you lose..

Rise of fear, fall of dreams,
Silence of Sound and a Voice of doom
Fall of Strength, Breaches in Will,
On those days when you lose..

But, In fear lies Courage, In doom lies the hope,
Doubts leads to Strength and Failure goes faceless.
So, on those days when you lose, Fight for fighters never lose!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Sing out your Sorrows,
Laugh out you Worries,
Dream out your Downs,
Drown your Frowns.

Talk to family,
Talk to friends,
Speak to Self,
But when every thing fail,
Converse with him to get you out on Bail.

When you are down, put your trust,
To give your life a very good thrust.

To him we come, to him we go,
But in between, lead a life full of fun.
Enjoy every moment, Savour every second,
For you are among the lucky few, choosen to have fun.