Monday, December 26, 2005

Sun Certified Business Component Developer (SCBCD!!!)

Hi all,

This time around it is my experience with SCBCD Exams by SUN.

Somewhere in the month of October, me and my close friend registered for the next level in Java Certification - Business Component Developer. The process of registering to the certification was initiated by NIIT (Prometric Center) who on seeing their old records found us eligible for receiving a discount for the up coming certification Needless to say we fell for this Markeeting gimic :)

We had initially registered for a date in November for the certification. I thought that 2 weeks of study would have been more than sufficient - It was not to be. BCD exams are more vigours and a little more tougher than SCJP. Lots of concepts are involved and much to understand.

I found the following links / books very useful during the preparation stages
1. Head First EJB - Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates
2. SCBCD Exam Study KitJava Business Component Developer Certification for EJB
Paul Sanghera

Additional link of books to be used can be found in Book Review Section

Web Links
1. Java Ranch - The ultimate resource on the net for any Java / EJB related stuff.

2. Ejb - There are lots of practise exams here with ANSWERS!!. I would advise on going thro the exams ONLY AFTER reading the books.

3. - Lots of mock exams here too. good site overall.

4. - contains all necessary links for the preparation for this exam.

After many postponds and many delays (self induced and otherwise) we finally wrote the exam on Dec 24. I scored an okie 71%. It was pretty average considering what I knew, but wonderful considering the fact that i just intended to pass the exams!!!.

Hope this blog was useful for all. keep posting.

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