Wednesday, October 17, 2007

When you Lose

Gray are the days, Dark are the thoughts,
On those days when you lose.
Hopes fade out, doubts wade in
On those days when you lose..

Rise of fear, fall of dreams,
Silence of Sound and a Voice of doom
Fall of Strength, Breaches in Will,
On those days when you lose..

But, In fear lies Courage, In doom lies the hope,
Doubts leads to Strength and Failure goes faceless.
So, on those days when you lose, Fight for fighters never lose!


Girish said...


sudhakar said...

In this case...and in these days wont lose dude....nice one..keep going

srividya said...

good one! :)

Jeeves said...

indha maari kavidhai laan ezhidhinaa adhu edho loves matter dhaan....

Karthik Narayan said...

were u playing doom lol

Anitha said...

Really Nice Poem. But one question.. Wat did u lose?? :-)

Kali Rasu said...

My comments for your latest BLOG are coincidental with words as Vivekananda said below.

If we think of our death always, won't the spirit break down and the heart be overpowered by despondency?

Vivekananda: Quite so. At first, the heart will break down, and despondency and gloomy thoughts will occupy your mind. But persist, let days pass like that--and then? Then you will see that new strength has come into the heart, that the constant thought of death is giving you a new life and is making you more and more thoughtful by bringing every moment before your mind's eye the truth of the saying, "Vanity of vanities, all is vanity!" Wait! Let days, months, and years pass, and you will feel that the spirit within is waking up with the strength of a lion, that the little power within has transformed itself into a mighty power! Think of death always, and you will realize the truth of every word I say.

G U R U said...

"Victory's not in never-falling. It is in the rising, each time you fall."

Good one dude.