Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Sing out your Sorrows,
Laugh out you Worries,
Dream out your Downs,
Drown your Frowns.

Talk to family,
Talk to friends,
Speak to Self,
But when every thing fail,
Converse with him to get you out on Bail.

When you are down, put your trust,
To give your life a very good thrust.

To him we come, to him we go,
But in between, lead a life full of fun.
Enjoy every moment, Savour every second,
For you are among the lucky few, choosen to have fun.


Preethika said...

wow! lovely poem:)

Anonymous said...

Nice one :)

Anonymous said...

Great !!! Vivek !

Anonymous said...

Great !!! Vivek !


Srividya said...


IcEyeZ said...

God taking u out on bail...hahaha

Kali Rasu said...

Very nice poem portrayed in an elegant format.
Speaking to Self/God will really rejuvenate any one’s mind and this poem shows the pragmatic need of “Enjoying the present moment”.Realistically this poem seems a paragon – original par excellence for hypothetical non-duality-advaita principle in a contemporary fashioned rhymes pattern as “HIM” either refers to Self or God. Putting our sorrows in forth of the lotus feet of the ultimatum will be the pavement for relaxation obviously!

Vivek ,this kinda interest shows your acumen and multifaceted handiness !!!

G U R U said...

Touching !! I got a "kicku" after reading this post ;-)...in the lines of what our thalaivar often says, "indha vazkhai vaazha thaan...naam pirakkayil kaiyil yena kondu vandom kondu sella"...keep it going dude..