Friday, May 05, 2006

Software Professional

Inspired by LIFE!!

Long hours sitting in the office, sipping the umpteenth coffees ,
Living on a diet of coke, they choke if they don’t have their daily smoke.
Working on a 30K Salary a month, they feel tired and stretched.
Oh nothing is good enough, nothing is good enough.

Joining Google, Yahoo are their dreams, with the messengers ruling their screens
Job sites, new roles search are the norms of the lives,
He is a person whose inter personal skills are in hives.
Oh nothing is good enough, nothing is good enough.

With the appraisal around the corner, they hope to get good ratings on.
When the raise they get, is full of sh*t; they threaten to quit
Meetings with managers, meetings with finance, in the end a very few get their dues,
Oh nothing is good enough, nothing is good enough.

Some get to go onsite, others don’t take the bait.
They set the dates, when the company lets open the gates
This cycle goes on, Oh nothing is good , Oh nothing is good.


G U R U said...

Wow ! That's what I call a neat rhyme ! Good one - Shall suggest NCERT to include it in their primary school text books :)

Anonymous said...

So nice vivek..
U r so great that u r still preserving ur sensitive moods even after falling into this concrete jungles..
I remembered my sensitive times which I cannot retain again in my life..
This poem is so nice and I m trying to understand the other..till then

- prasoona

Indira Lakshminarayanan said...

yeh nice one.

Anitha said...

Great!This poem is simply superb!

It reflects the IT life to the exact.

Also its timely...(Appraisal Time)!

Anonymous said...

Good one!!!But etho anubavam erukum pola iruku entha kathaiku pennadi!!!!


Anonymous said...

Is this reflection or melancholy? Looks likes your singledom in life should end soon. Still, I got to accept, there is something true in what you reflect.


Anonymous said...

one very serious poem...
dude....guess u better take a little break from work :)

Anonymous said...

how true! good one, vivek!

life of an IT prof is a paradox, isn't it? big pay, wealthy life on the outside and yet so much dissatisfaction brewing inside!


Anck su Namun said...

Your template looks better now :-)

Prasanna said...

Well who knows better about you than Me...your best friend. But dint we know that a software professionals life was a 'paradox'!!! Then why did we fall through...earn big bucks?!

Karthik Subramani said...

Is this the beginning of an autobiography?? he he

Vadivel said...

Nice one Vivek :)

Sanjeev said...

hey it gives a cmplete shape of hw the software professional come under a stress though they their pockets r heavy!!

Ramji said...

Nice thought to depict the life of people working in software industry...
Hope we don't fall in the same trap:)