Thursday, April 06, 2006

Crickets Lows

Probably the most disgusting moment in Cricket.....

This is Greg Chappels in-famous underarm ball.

Should we all go and stick with WIN at ALL time irrespective of the COSTS? What about ethics?

Please leave your comments on this one


G U R U said...

I hate cricket. Yes, I can say it louder, "I HATE CRICKET".


sriram said...

These incidents give opportunity to cricket bashers to do exactly that

Ashok said...

Well Vivek,

Cricket Haters cannot understand this. This is pure emotion, after knowing that you are going to win a match , a most awaited one its just an immediate reaction of that person. You know what happened next beause of this new-zelanders felt insulted and won th enext 3 games and hence the series 3-2.

Anonymous said...

@Vivek : Absolutely right. You could have to fire to win but you shoudl have the heart to accept defeat if the opposition scores over you. U just have to take that and try and improve on ur performance. To me game is to played in it true spirit. Cricket for ling has been called a "Gentleman's Game" !!
Chappel's qoutes :
"Greg Chappell's decision was universally condemned. Immediately after the game he said, "If it¦s written in the rules of the game it is fair play," but he later apologised and claimed that the stress of the situation had got to him. It took many years for him to be fully forgiven."


Karthik Narayan said...

true, nobody is greater than the game. Sport should be played within the parameters and spirit set for it.

Sanjeev said...

i thnk tis is a stupid act!!